What building permits do I need to build a new home?

November 8, 2021

Obtaining permits for building a new house is a necessary evil required in any county or city. The main permits that will be required are a building permit & a health permit (sometimes called well/septic permits). There may be other permits required, but that is a county by county or city by city basis.

For a real-life example, here is a majority of what is needed in Hamilton County, IN to be granted permission to start building.

The first one is the building permit & the county asks for the following info to obtain this:

  • Improvement Location Permit Application
    • This includes full details of the home plus:
      • Parcel ID number
      • Copy of Deed
      • Copy of site plans w/ property lines, previous site improvements, easements, etc.
      • Copy of the construction documents
      • Copy of the truss drawings signed by a registered architect or engineer

They also require health permits; this is both the septic permit & well permit. These are both obtained from the health department.

Then, they require a driveway or road cut permit that will be obtained from the highway department.

One thing to remember, make sure you have time built in to obtain your permits. These will all need to be attained before you break ground otherwise, you could face penalties or lengthy delays on your project. It is your responsibility to make sure you or your builder have the permits required for your new home. The process could take several weeks depending on your location & the size of the build.  

This undertaking can be frustrating and exhausting at times with the extensive amount of information needed to obtain permits. We recommend having conversations with builders before you sign a contract to understand their process. A great home builder will walk you through this process and probably obtain most of the permits for you. Here at T&M, Tonia will handle all the permit work for you. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us at info@tandmcustomhomes.com.