1. Introduction Meeting

This is where we discuss your goals, ideas, & budget for your project. We want you to tell or show us any thoughts that you have so far. If you have no idea don’t worry, we can go through our floorplans & previous projects to build off of. After this initial brainstorming, we will show you how we work with our clients and the building process.

2. Design Stage

This is where we will start creating your floor plan and getting the details down on paper. We will guide you through selecting the different features, finishing touches, “must-haves,” & material that you are wanting. Once we have a good idea of the floorplan & main features, we will start quoting your home. At the end of this stage, we will have your final quote and sign the contract.

3. Land Acquisition

This step will be happening simultaneous with the design phase. You need to decide whether you want to be in a neighborhood, close to a neighborhood, or secluded on your own land. We can refer you to a great realtor in your area if you need help with finding land. If you already have land that’s great, we can just focus on your home design.

4. Final Prints

Once the final design is done then we will be sending the floor plan off for your final prints.

5. Permits

Now on to the necessary evil, obtaining your permits. You will work closely with Tonia on this, she can guide you through the process. All homes require a building permit & a health permit (well/septic permit), depending on your county you may be required to get other permits such as a driveway permit. Tonia can also help you with obtaining your mortgage and explain how this process works when building a new home.

6. Construction

Time for the exciting part!! Once permits are obtained then we can start breaking ground on the foundation. You will continue to be in constant contact with us throughout the construction of your home.

7. Final Walk-Through

Once the house is complete, we will set a time for all of us to do a complete review of your home. Once everything is approved by you then it is time to move-in!